A Brilliant Star In Hong Kong Fair - 220 LM/W LEDs High Bay


    The 2015 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Autumn Edition) had been concluded on October 30. During this lighting fair, Yoohun had prepared some new products like 220 LM/W LEDs high bay, CRI 95 track light, CRI 95 gimbal downlight to promote. All the products were very popular in the booth and all the customers showed the highly interesting on the 220 LM/W LEDs high bay.



General manager, Mr. Hu and the ministry of foreign trade



    When we mention the 220 LM/W LEDs, we all know that CREE had broke the barrier a few years ago and they still had not able to commercialize the led yet. We can say that it is a significant breakthrough in China. The general manager, Mr. Hu said “We can rely on our complete industry chain to produce the 220 LM/W LEDs and select the brightest LEDs after we using the best chips to package. That is the difference between CREE and us. We could spend a lot of time to achieve our goal and make it to cost the lowest cost. That is the biggest advantage of us.”



The customers are very like our new 220 LM/W LEDs high bay.



    During the Hong Kong fair, we noticed that there were many customers focused on the 220 LM/W LEDs high bay. They all said “This 220 LM/W LEDs series is great. Yoohun had already moved ahead to the market.” The sales director, Mr. Duan said “Not only the 220 LM/W LEDs high bay is focused, but also the CRI 95 series is also very popular. The CRI 95 is the trend of commercial lighting for coming two years. Only we have to hold the market trends, we could launch the right products to our customers.”


The sales director, Mr. Duan and his customers.


Stephen narrated the 220 LM/W LEDs high bay to his customer.



    Nowadays the competition has been fierce among the LED producers. Only create more and more new idea and make innovation, they could survive in the competition. Yoohun deeply knows the law of competition and always makes surprises to their customers. Let’s expect what surprises they will make to us.